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Nancy Dranitsairs, BA, RIHR, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Facilitator

Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Facilitator
Behavioural Change and Personality Type Expert


As a Psychotherapist, I have been in private practice for 13 years, working with individuals and couples, as well as facilitating Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs for individuals, groups and workplaces since 2008. My focus of practice includes treating individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, relationship issues, low self-esteem, trauma, grief and loss, or stress-related concerns. I also counsel individuals who are going through significant transitions in life, such as preparing for marriage or a career change, or who are struggling resulting from new or complex situations that their experiences have not prepared them for.

Many people seek therapy because they want their situation or behaviour to change, but are stuck in a pattern of repeating exactly those things they hope to change. My role is to help you to understand what you are going through, to uncover what may be keeping you in self-limiting patterns, to develop and apply new skills, and to teach you tools for managing symptoms and navigating new experiences. I provide a non-judgemental space to explore your inner-world, and to understand the conflicts that are stopping you from moving forward. I work with my clients to focus on objectively identifying your struggles, while removing judgement of them, so that we can reduce feelings of guilt, shame or self-doubt in the process.

My approach combines learning symptom-management skills, developing emotional self-awareness, and applying new behaviours. My approach is eclectic, and my therapeutic influences include Psychodynamic, Mindfulness-based and Cognitive-behavioural (CBT) techniques, as well as Jungian psychological type-based models for understanding personality, and current neuropsychology for understanding the brain and nervous system. My approach is also a holistic one, which means that in therapy, we seek to understand the relationship between the mind, the emotions, and the body.

I also offer Personality Type Assessment, including MBTI®, Jungian Typology, and Striving Styles™. I have worked extensively with these tools during my career, which can be extremely effective as a basis for developing self-awareness and understanding of our behaviour and motivations, in counselling and coaching. Whether for individuals, couples, families, and in organizations, Personality Type Assessment can facilitate self-acceptance, growth and development, and move you towards your personal development goals. Since 2009, I have been on the developmental team for the Striving Styles® Personality System (SSPS®), co-authoring nearly 100 books on this brain-based system, and developing and delivering training programs.

Please contact me for information on rates. I offer a sliding scale for Psychotherapy services based on income. Student rates are available. If unable to attend sessions in person, I offer telephone or skype sessions as an alternative.
Additional Services include holistic treatments such as Reiki (treatments and training), aromatherapy, reflexology, and meditation instruction.

Please Note:

The services I provide, including Psychotherapy, are NOT covered by OHIP, and, at this time, Psychotherapy is NOT covered by most extended benefits providers, unless the services are performed by a Registered Psychologist. If you are relying on such coverage, please check with your benefits provider before scheduling an appointment.