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Cancer Care

Cancer is close to becoming the leading cause of death for Canadians. Nearly one in three will develop cancer in our lifetime.

It takes more than one physician or clinic to treat and control cancer; it takes an entire healthcare team that includes family physicians, oncologists, naturopaths, massage therapists, acupuncturists, spiritual care providers and community volunteers. As cancer patients go through the healthcare system, they also typically require different diagnostic, treatment and supportive care services, often at different clinics.

Complementary care includes measures to increase the effectiveness of medical therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and reduce their harm. Alternative therapies are intended to extend life and improve the quality of life between and beyond medical therapies. Major cancer treatment centers in America and Asia blend drugs and surgery with herbal medicine, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition and mind-body medicine. The result is improved patient outcomes.

The majority of patients seeking naturopathic help have usually very advanced or terminal cancers. They are desperate and they want to live longer and feel better during this time of their life. They are willing to try any number of natural treatments that have the potential to extend their lives. We, the naturopaths, are aware of this and do not subject our patients to unproved or suspicious treatments only because they have the word “natural” in from of them.

There is a good number of natural treatments that have a reasonable body of supportive evidence and can sometimes have a significant positive impact on the lives of these patients. These treatments will be discussed and agreed upon with the patient. The commitment expected of patient ought to be total. Cancer is terrible and unforgiven. You are facing, as late Edgar Cayce was vividly describing it, a life force within a life force, an entity unto itself, which segregates within the body and draws from the vitality of the body. That’s way it is so difficult to cure cancer


Cancer is a complex disease with many causes and potential treatments. After diagnosis, many patients feel fearful and out of control. Our goal is to provide you with information to make educated decisions about your options, including how natural treatments can enhance and augment conventional therapy. Our treatment plan for you will include dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, detoxification and herbal support. It may also include intravenous vitamin therapy or mistletoe therapy.