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Principles of Naturopathic Medicine explained

First Do No Harm (Primum non nocere)

Naturopathic doctors follow three precepts to avoid harming the patient:
Naturopathic doctors utilize methods and medicinal substances which minimize the risk of harmful effects, and apply the least possible force or intervention necessary to diagnose illness and restore health. Whenever possible, the suppression of symptoms is avoided as suppression generally interferes with the healing process. Naturopathic doctors respect and work with the vis medicatrix naturae in diagnosis, treatment and counseling, for it this self-healing process is not respected, the patient may be harmed.

The Healing Power of Nature (Vis medicatrix naturae)

The healing power of nature is the inherent self-organizing and healing process of living systems which establishes, maintains and restores health. Naturopathic medicine recognizes this healing process to be ordered and intelligent. It is the naturopathic doctor’s role to support, facilitate and augment this process by identifying and removing obstacles to health and recovery, and by supporting the creating of a healthy internal and external environment.

Identify and Treat the Causes (Tolle causum)

Illness does not occur without cause. Causes may originate in many areas. Underlying causes of illness and disease must be identified and removed before complete recovery can occur. Symptoms can be expressions of the body’s attempt to defend itself, to adapt and recover, to heal itself, or may be results of the causes of disease. The naturopathic doctor seeks to treat the causes of disease, rather than to merely eliminate or suppress symptoms.

Doctor as Teacher (Docere)

The original meaning of the word “doctor” is teacher. A principal objective of naturopathic medicine is to educate the patient and emphasize self-responsibility for health. Naturopathic doctors also recognize and employ the therapeutic potential of the doctor-patient relationship.

Treat the Whole Person (Tolle totum)

Health and disease result from a complex of physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social and other factors. Since total health also includes spiritual health, naturopathic doctors encourage individuals to pursue their personal spiritual development. Naturopathic medicine recognizes the harmonious functioning of all aspects of the individual as being essential to health. The multifactorial nature of health and disease requires personalized and comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathic doctors treat the whole person taking all of these factors into account.

Teach the principles of healthy living and preventive medicine (Prevenio et evito aegresco)

Naturopathic medical colleges emphasize the study of health as well as disease. The prevention of disease and the attainment of optimal health in patients are primary objectives of naturopathic medicine. In practice, these objectives are accomplished through education and the promotion of healthy ways of living. Naturopathic doctors assess risk factors, heredity and susceptibility to disease, and make appropriate interventions in partnership with their patients to prevent illness. Naturopathic medicine asserts that one cannot be healthy in an unhealthy environment and is committed to the creation of a world in which humanity may thrive.